Monoco Japan Feature

About four months ago, we were approached by the fine people at Monoco Japan to create a form of sizzling collaboration in which our handbag products would be featured on their monthly sale program.. Of course, we were thrilled by the offer and excited that our batik products would get more groundbreaking promotion to Japanese consumers through Monoco.monoco

Quoting from  Crunchbase, Monoco, previously known as Flutterscape, is Japan’s leading online retailer for design, sourcing amazing products from designers all over the world. They pride themselves on inspiring and wowing their customers on a daily basis with ‘New Design Everyday’.

This somehow matches Djokdja Batik’s vision and mission to deliver great, unique and limited designs to our customers. Since day one, we have strived to create product designs that are valuable in beauty and culture but also definite in product results, which makes them more dynamic when it comes to the ever-growing trend in the fashion world. Ever since our batik handbags were published on Monoco’s website, we have received a satisfying number of traffic leads to our main website, thus we explored and figured out the favorite handbag choices of web visitors. Nothing excites us more than having the opportunity to work with the Monoco people, as we have also gained incredible promotional advantages from it. Thank you, Monoco :)monoco1