Year End Sale 2015 Coming Your Way

As Andy Williams sings, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” we would like to bring you once again the celebration of welcoming the upcoming Christmas and New Year with our annual Year End Sale. We have various batik bags with radiant patterns to offer, and also not to forget, they will be available at special prices for your shopping enjoyment.

This will begin tomorrow, December 4th, and last until December 31st. So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for the annual festivity by visiting our website to place your order.

Note : The link itself will be removed after the Season is finished.

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drupadi papua bag galih papua bag nala brown bagAnjani Red & Orange Tasikmalaya Tote anjanigrayratihpink ratihmerah IMG_1651x IMG_1755xdrupadiparang Drupadi Kawung Series Tote Bagnalinigurdo

Pameran Perdagangan Dalam Negeri 2014

We are pleased to give you another exciting update that Djokdja Batik had the opportunity to join a significant trade fair called Pameran Produksi Dalam Negeri 2014 or PPDN 2014.

Held annually by the Ministry of Trade, the event took place at Monumen Nasional (Monas), exactly in the southeast sector, from September 26th to 28th. The three-day festivity successfully attracted the public’s attention with its local craft products and local food exhibition.

We were placed in Booth B129 in the local craft product tent. Despite the daylight heat, this event did not fail to draw the people to visit all of the unique cultural booths. A lot of interesting discussions happened during our trade with the visitors, mostly about batik bag production and batik variants.

Therefore, we would like to thank the sweet and curious visitors who paid visits to our booth and the Ministry of Trade who gave us the chance to join this massive event. Until we meet again in the next trade fair events.

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Monoco Japan Feature

About four months ago, we were approached by the fine people at Monoco Japan to create a form of sizzling collaboration in which our handbag products would be featured on their monthly sale program.. Of course, we were thrilled by the offer and excited that our batik products would get more groundbreaking promotion to Japanese consumers through Monoco.monoco

Quoting from  Crunchbase, Monoco, previously known as Flutterscape, is Japan’s leading online retailer for design, sourcing amazing products from designers all over the world. They pride themselves on inspiring and wowing their customers on a daily basis with ‘New Design Everyday’.

This somehow matches Djokdja Batik’s vision and mission to deliver great, unique and limited designs to our customers. Since day one, we have strived to create product designs that are valuable in beauty and culture but also definite in product results, which makes them more dynamic when it comes to the ever-growing trend in the fashion world. Ever since our batik handbags were published on Monoco’s website, we have received a satisfying number of traffic leads to our main website, thus we explored and figured out the favorite handbag choices of web visitors. Nothing excites us more than having the opportunity to work with the Monoco people, as we have also gained incredible promotional advantages from it. Thank you, Monoco :)monoco1

Bazaar Jakarta 2013 : “The Save Big Is One” Graha Mandiri, 25-27 June 2013


Our next exhibition event will be ‘The Save Big Is One’ Bazaar Jakarta, which will be held at Graha Mandiri from June 25th to 27th, 2013. Please come to Djokdja Batik’s booth during lunchtime or any convenient time to buy our latest products, which are batik handbags and clothing (men, women, children). The following moments are our loading preparations at home before heading to Graha Mandiri.

We’ll see you there :)

The Timeless Beauty of Batik Indonesia : A UNESCO-Preserved Heritage

Step into the enchanting world of Batik, a centuries-old Indonesian treasure that weaves a captivating tale through the art of wax-resist dyeing. This ancient craft, passed down through generations, isn’t just a textile but a piece of Indonesian culture that UNESCO honored in 2009 as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Diving into the Art of Batik

Pronounced as “bah-teek,” the name Batik originates from the Javanese word ‘ambatik,’ meaning ‘a cloth with little dots.’ Picture this: artists meticulously applying wax to cloth, creating intricate patterns that dance with vibrant colors. After a dip in dyes, the wax unveils a breathtaking story told through symbolic motifs.

UNESCO’s Nod to Batik

In September 2009, UNESCO’s spotlight shone on Batik, casting its cultural importance onto the global stage. It wasn’t just a piece of fabric; it was a living tradition, carrying centuries of history and symbolism. A proud moment for Indonesia indeed!

Preservation Efforts

UNESCO’s recognition set the wheels in motion for intensified efforts in preserving and promoting Batik. Here’s how they’ve been doing it:

1. Passing Down Skills: Batik-making isn’t just a craft; it’s an art that’s been handed down from one generation to the next. Institutions now offer courses and workshops to ensure this tradition lives on.

2. Embracing Tradition: Traditional Batik techniques hold a special place. The intricate, handcrafted nature of Batik sets it apart from other textile art forms.

3. Cultivating Cultural Awareness: To appreciate Batik fully, you need to understand its rich cultural and historical significance. Events, exhibitions, and festivals are gateways to discovering the heritage woven into each Batik piece.

4. Empowering Economies: Batik isn’t just about art; it’s about livelihoods too. Many Indonesians depend on this craft for their income, from artisans and traders to local communities. Supporting the Batik industry means creating economic opportunities and preserving local traditions.

Batik’s Allure Beyond Borders

The recognition from UNESCO didn’t just bring pride to Indonesia; it also brought Batik to the international fashion stage. Renowned designers have woven Batik into their collections, showcasing its versatility and universal appeal. This global attention hasn’t just boosted the demand for Batik but has also celebrated its unique place in the world of fashion. Indonesia’s Batik is more than a fabric; it’s a work of art and a symbol of cultural resilience.